6 Ways to Improve Your Operational Efficiency and Revenue Cycle

No business can maintain a healthy revenue cycle or continue on a path of business growth without a sound operational infrastructure. For healthcare organizations, in particular, operational challenges have become increasingly ratcheted up due to convoluted payment models, coding complexities, declining reimbursements, and shrinking profit margins. Since optimizing your revenue cycle must remain a continuous priority, there are some concrete steps you can implement now to maximize your operational efficiency:

6 Steps to Successful Low Balance Medical Claim Appeals

According to Forbes, hospitals lose over $45 billion each year as a result of unpaid medical bills. Because of the heavy burden of denial management and a focus on collecting larger claims first, low balance claims often become overlooked. While it’s understandable that large claims tend to take precedence, hospitals should also consider how the successful appeals process for low balance claims can have a positive impact on accounts receivable (AR) management.