6 Ways For Small Hospitals to Improve Cash Flow

6 Ways For Small Hospitals to Improve Cash Flow

Small hospitals are always on the look-out for new ways to can cut their expenses. This is partly because hospitals, in general, are very expensive to run, and also because small hospitals, in particular, don’t often have many ways to increase their revenue.

There is, however, some opportunity to develop effective revenue cycle management strategies. This might be a bit difficult for small hospitals, but there are definite ways that they can improve their cash flow, even without the same options that large healthcare organizations may have. The following 6 strategies can help small hospitals improve their cash flow.

8 Reasons Rural Hospitals Are At Risk for Closure

Running a rural hospital can offer many more challenges than running a large one. Small rural hospitals often don’t have the same funding and options as do larger ones, and, with smaller patient loads as well as less advanced technology, it can be hard for smaller hospitals to maintain a proper revenue cycle. Stuff like billing claims, denials management, and the appeals process can quite frequently be mishandled within smaller organizations. 

Often these challenges can lead rural hospitals into being forced to close down, but there is a way to prevent this unfortunate circumstance from occurring. When a small hospital is about to close down, many warning signs and causes can be identified before it actually has to shut its doors. Let’s take a look at 8 different reasons rural hospitals can be at risk for closure and how to resolve these issues before they become disastrous.

[Infographic] Top 5 Reasons Rural Hospitals Lose Accounts Receivable

Rural hospitals lose on accounts receivable due to a number of preventable reasons. It is important hospital personnel is trained in collecting payments and inputting information. No matter what the claim size, obtaining payments is key.

Use this infographic to learn the reasons rural hospitals are losing accounts receivable.